The Central Bank of Iraq is successful in regulating the level of inflation and an official in the Bank revealed that foreign currency reserves in

A group of university professors and institutes in Sulaymaniyah gathered and announced a strike in the official working hours and warned the Kurdistan Regional Government.


A military delegation from the Federal Ministry of Defense arrived in Erbil on Monday and began to hold talks with the Peshmerga on the security

Police in London have arrested more than 100 activists overnight in ongoing climate change protests that brought London to a standstill as some main roads

Tayeb Belaiz, head of Algeria’s Constitutional Council, has announced his resignation amid continued popular demonstrations demanding the departure of all government officials affiliated with former

Scientists on Monday provided the most comprehensive look to date at one of the solar system’s most exotic features: prime lakeside property in the northern

A car overturned Monday afternoon on the road between Dokan- Piramgron near Kani Khan village, injuring three people.

According to the information, the car is a

The death toll from Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has risen to 737 since the start of an outbreak last July, according

Spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced that the cancer is increasing year after year in the Kurdistan Region, over

The Czech Consulate in the Kurdistan Region provides facilities for the granting of visas to traders, business men and students. The representation of the Kurdistan