The Directorate General for Combating Violence against Women has announced a statistics on violence against women in the Kurdistan Region during the past six months.


Turkish warplanes bomb villages in the city of Zakho.

Turkish warplanes last night carried out raids on the "Gale Psagha" area of ​​Zakho and the Christian

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Salahuddin Mohammed Bahauddin visited the city of Dohuk and to meet with members, cadres and officials of the Union

The presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament, on Thursday, met with the heads of parliamentary blocs, to determine the draft laws that are supposed to be

Protesters in France clashed with police Friday ahead of this weekend’s G7 summit, leaving four officers injured. 

According to French media reports, the anti-G7 demonstrations descended

Scientists may be able to save the northern white rhinos from extinction after successfully harvesting two eggs from the last two remaining animals.

Sudan, the last

Iran has test-fired a new missile, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has said, according to the country's Tasnim news

The Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament, Thursday, revealed the details of the general budget of the Kurdistan region for 2020.

Head of the

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