Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona dies
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Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona dies

Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona died Thursday, according to local media outlet Clarin. He was 60.

Clarin said Maradona died after suffering cardiac arrest at home in Tigre, Argentina.

Argentine Football Association also offered condolences for the passing of Maradona. 

On Nov. 4, Maradona had a successful surgery for a blood clot in his brain, and his doctor Leopoldo Luque had said Maradona was awake, and doing well, while he had "a little drainage" that the doctors were planning to remove the following day. "He tolerated the surgery very well, he is lucid and awake and the time he stays in the hospital will depend on his evolution," the doctor added.

Nicknamed the Golden Boy (El Pibe de Oro), Maradona was 25 years old when he helped his nation win the 1986 World Cup as the Argentine captain.

Known for his pace, high technique and dribble skills, Maradona was a versatile player on the pitch as he could play as an attacking midfielder and forward.

Maradona played for Argentina in four World Cup tournaments, Spain 82, Mexico 86, Italy 90, and the US 94.

He had 21 World Cup appearances to score eight goals and produce eight assists.

In addition to his World Cup victory in Mexico, Maradona claimed the runner-up medal in the 1990 World Cup.

He scored 34 goals in 90 international caps for Argentina.

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