War of declarations between Ankara and Tehran about Iraqi sovereignty
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War of declarations between Ankara and Tehran about Iraqi sovereignty

The Turkish Foreign Ministry, on Sunday, summoned the Iranian ambassador to Ankara, Muhammad Farazmand, after a statement by Tehran's ambassador in Baghdad accusing Turkey of violating the sovereignty of Iraq.

Turkish diplomatic sources said that the Turkish Foreign Ministry informed the Iranian ambassador, Ankara's strong rejection of the accusations contained in the statement of Tehran's ambassador in Baghdad, Eraj Masjedi.

The Foreign Ministry added that what Ankara expects from Iran is to support Turkey in its fight against terrorism, not to stand against it, according to the sources.

The sources pointed out that the Turkish side assured the Iranian ambassador that the Turkish operations came within the framework of combating the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which targets the stability, security, and sovereignty of Iraq.

Indicated that Turkey and Iraq, during their high-level mutual visits recently, reached an understanding that the PKK poses a threat to both countries.

Stressed that the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Iraj Masjedi, did not mention during the interview at all the threat posed by the presence of the PKK in Iraq.

Emphasized that the Turkish side stressed to the Iranian ambassador the need for Ankara and Tehran to support the efforts made to place all armed militias, including those cooperating with the PKK, under the control of the Iraqi government.

On the other hand, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Turkey's ambassador to Tehran, Derya Uras, against the backdrop of statements by the Turkish Interior Minister about the PKK presence in Iraq.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry handed the Turkish ambassador a protest note against the Turkish ambassador’s statements in Iraq.

The ministry also criticized the statement of the Turkish ambassador to Iraq and considered it unjustified.

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