Kurdistan region cancels the partial curfew
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Kurdistan region cancels the partial curfew

The Supreme Committee to Combat Coronavirus in the Kurdistan Region decided, on Sunday, to ease restrictions on preventive measures in the cities of the region.

Jutiar Adel, a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Committee, said in a press conference that it has been decided to return to the work of the government institutions next Thursday.

He added that it was decided to open public places in a limited way, and according to controls that will be announced later in the ministry of interior, in addition to canceling the partial curfew, starting tomorrow, Monday.

However, Adel confirmed that the committee decided to prevent all meetings and gatherings and to compel the wearing of the medical mask, with maintaining the closure of schools until further notice.

Earlier, the Minister of the Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Reber Ahmed, announced that the Supreme Committee to Combat Corona will make changes to the partial curfew in a manner consistent with the month of Ramadan.

Ahmed said in a press conference held today in Erbil, "Most of the citizens' activities and movement in the month of Ramadan begin at night, so the Supreme Committee decided to hold its meeting today," indicating that "after reading the medical report by the Ministry of Health, a set of decisions will be issued that will lead to reducing contact between citizens to the lowest possible level.

He added, "There is no doubt that a change will be made to the curfew measures in line with the month of Ramadan."

He pointed out, "The curfew will not continue as it is, and today we will decide which places will remain open, and which places will be closed."

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