The Communiqué of 22nd anniversary of Kurdistan Islamic Union declaration
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The Communiqué of 22nd anniversary of Kurdistan Islamic Union declaration

Our citizen
Activists, Journalists and Intelligent
Political parties
Dear brothers & sisters
Congratulation the 22nd anniversary of KIU, hope that our next anniversary be under more stable situation and better sustenance, wishing that 2016 be the year of reorganizing the Kurdistan home and reactivation of parliament, government, solving economic issue and decisive for destiny rights of our nation.
Declaration of KIU was the birth of a patriotic project with an Islamic reference, and was a beginning of formation of a reform project and appearance a new strategy for constructing country and preparing the society, and modeling new life politically & economically, that’s in itself is record for a new stage in writing a history full of honor and getting a successful governing experience, on the basis of (liberty, brotherhood and justice) .
Before political appearance KIU had a prominent social, ideological cultural, educational, charitable, relief, technical urbanization and grouping presence, so that it could find an adequate basis in Kurdistan nation in a standard time and found an outstanding approval from the people, KIU has been established on the basis of statehood, future making connected to man making process, on that KIU made its strategy, because man on the view of KIU is the resource of making and destruction of states, regimes and civilization and man is the main reason for changing realities, situations environments and approaches and directions of the history, so it took education and a righteous individual as a working basis in order to prepare a society and a new generation for taking responsibility of restitution the compelled rights of our nation and preserving the achievements and developing capabilities.
Kiu continually confirmed on agreement process among political sides, in order to prepare a collective will, because it thinks that our nation issue is bigger than the ability of every single of the forces we have, so that they should give up the view of alternativeness which results demolition, weakening and removal which also lead to weakening of our nation's will & general capabilities.
Its known that people are the resource of the authority and in order to correct the authority in a firm – long-term process it should be started from the society, it means that morale, mind and individual sentiment are the starting points for repairing corrupt, bad regimes oppressive policies, so that KIU made morals basis of policy and introduced policy as a consequence and results of morals. Because it sees policy as a means of making life better for man – in the view of KIU if the reform process does not begin from this point it will be fruitless, because the bad men cannot achieve reform , from that there will be different forms for confronting a common issue.
KIU for the sake  of that has produced a great skilled convenient human capital, which could at any proper ground circumstance change their morale capital to a powerful interested political monetary for correcting the distorted political situation, because authority legitimacy and quality of governing system is outcome from the confident of the people, we could by the process of maturing, understanding awareness to correct & calm down the view, mind, sentiment and psychology of people, at that time the process of determining the quality of political system and legitimacy will be correct, calm, otherwise conversely happens, because of that KIU has taken political reform from the social reform, because if you have a healthy society you will have a healthy power .
Sisters, brothers;
In the view of  KIU the strategy of power and political reform based on the will and approval of individual and society which both are conducted to social security, prosperity and well – being of the people, from that view KIU has adopted democracy issue linked and rising from individual will, society approval and embodiment of values& consultation (shura) .
KIU considers democracy as a modern political process for reaching and embodiment of the value and concept of justice which creates equal opportunities for all, without discrimination we can say that democracy process is the best process for obstruction procedure for creation of a dictatorial, oppressive and corrupt regime in this era, by that the darken corners of human life will be enlighten by the prophecy, so that by this we can take off roots of thought, psychology and sociology of terror and radicalism from the inner of individual and society and break up the ground and contexts of terror, oppression and corruption overalls, so that KIU has set its political and reform project on (From prophecy to modernity).
Dear people
We know that you are concerned and live between fear & hoping you spend your days , because of the bad living situation and unknown destiny of the your nation & country.
We are in KIU at the beginning for the sake of settling the disputes among the political parties didn't want to put your live and the future of your country at risk, so that we always in different problems and events chose a reformist way in managing & treatment which removes fear on people's live and protect the future of the country from obscurity & chaos unfortunately our rivals have illogically & unsentimentally explained our address & stances, in order to make you misunderstand and hide the truth and deceit you, and trying to escape from your sentiment court .We in KIU demand from all the disputed political parties in Kurdistan region that not make their disputed issues as elongation of the regional and international disputes and do not make Kurdistan the field of regional dispute clearing, and do not make Kurdish issue & its destiny  part of the weak, marginal and ineffective powers agenda, at a time all the region crosses in a sensitive and decisive historical stage, hoping to confront it by unification and unified address and in behalf of our nation and regional clashes potential as a part of international polarization.
On the basis of these political views, here are some of our stances on some of the (2015) year events:
1-Daish fighting: 2015 year was the year of ignite fire of daish's tumult on the territory as general and our region especially, the impact of confrontation of daish not just put on KIU activities but it affected international, regional and Iraqi policy, even it paralyzed fully government establishments in some areas like (Mosul, Salahadin, Dyala, Rumady, Shangal, areas and the surroundings of Mosul, Kerkuk and Jalawla).
Also we in KIU, our activity of our establishments last year in the fields of thought, political and media have been emerged from that reality, KIU have been part of the daish confrontation as per to its size & weight, and has a great benefit for fixing, deepening and circulating the moderate concepts of KIU throughout the region which made it part of Kurdish culture, even it became a better political opening with the European &regional countries  with KIU and moved this party to a higher political level within the political map in the problems of the region and Bagdad.
We in KIU in accordance to the strategy that has been adopted in the 6th convention of the party, are abided by the governing framework of the region and Kurdish political equations in any of our political moves, targeting development of our experience until reaching it to the stage of (state) and that’s mean adoption of the political, economical and social issues of the Kurdish society, and bearing full responsibility for the sake of that.
After the center had imposed economical siege on Kurdistan region and cut the portion in the general budget of 2014 year and that created sustenance disorder and social security for the people of Kurdistan, so that in KIU began our political moves for reducing burden on the people in coordination with the formal institutions in the KRG in the framework of Kurdish issue with Bagdad and through our parliament bloc in (Iraqi Representative Council), it is true that this kind of move is greater than the ability of KIU, but it is not bigger than that responsibility set by the 6th convention on our shoulders so that, because of lack of commitment by the constitution by the Iraqi government not by the political agreements between (Erbil) and (Bagdad) which insure financial dues for Peshmarga forces, the budget of the region and salaries of the region's clerks we saw that it is true that the KRG seeks another way for solving the problem of people's salaries and dues within the framework of legal and constitutional procedures, because the federal government has not been abided by the principles of (true partnership, political agreement and balance) in administration of the Iraqi state in the past years and lead Iraq to dissociation stage and openness on unknown future, so that we believe that connecting the destiny of the region (with all these troubles and complexes) to a complex, semi-dissociated and unknown  future of (Iraq) is inapposite decision and wrong policy.
3-Region's  presidency and agreement issue.
Another issue the region has exposed to in the year( 2015) was the issue of ending the term of Kurdistan Region President, and lack of any legal back for treating and exit for it, this issue was not just a legal issue, but it has a political dimension too, so we view that in order the legal solution be successful and all sides be satisfied, it should be, preceded by a political agreement among these political sides we adopted this (agreement project) on the basis of (outcomes) theory it means that the results and outcome's of the works identifies extent of legitimacy and rightness, from here and from historical, political and natural contexts and from the reading components of the political map of the region, we have predicted the political results which we live in now.
So that we confirmed a lot on (agreement), and we considered calling for political solution only, before reaching an agreement, is wrong, and if there wasn't some practical faults, some explanations and minor reactions KIU in a better way could set boundaries for the reactions and minor remnants of the region presidency anyway, with that indecent explanations and unjust campaign on us, because, of our stance, but the truth of our analyze, view and expectations of the political mind of our leadership have been unfolded for all, in which on October 12  illegally, the speaker of parliament have been banned from entering to Erbil and ministers of (Goran) bloc have been displaced, which was a sudden illegal action, and we as KIU were against these procedures which lead to paralyze the parliament and the government, and affected the Region's reputation negatively.
We – since the beginning – decided not to be part of the problems and our strategic option in confrontations is (preserving rights, freedoms, improving people's life standards) for that purpose we participated in the meeting of Mr.Masud Barzany with the parties in order to be able-with the decision makers in all sides-to study people's problems, their poorness, youth emigration, and attrition of abilities and minds as endangering the presence & future of the Region, in order to find solutions for these risks and reduction of burden on people, that meeting results was (a committee for normalization of the situation and government, parliament activation) which opened horizons in front of problems' treatment.
The events of (2015) year have set heavy burden on the shoulders of people, and complicated the political, social economical situation of the Region, and put our future in front of an unknown danger, at the same time that international and regional charges have brought a golden opportunity for Kurdistan independence issue.
So that we in KIU demand authorities and KRG to speed up seriously treat people's suffering and put relief of people from poorness as a priority and spend all its power and efforts in this field, because hungry people could not struggle for achieving its dreams and hopes, people were exhausted by (Sinjar) disaster, fighting daish, financial crisis, poor and youth migration, how can get advantage from opportunities and achieve high purposes.
The duty requests that KRG speed up for solving the situation and people's relief from this humiliating poor as a corner stone, starting and means for saving Kurdistan and achieving independence dream and save the political map of the Kurdistan from this dispersion and struggle and there is no pretext for this negligence & motion.
We present our greeting, appreciation and respect for the efforts of our leadership members everyone, all institutions, organization cadres and all KIU supporters on their patience and struggle for the sake of make this (KIU)'s Islamic and reform message succeed.
                                         Our best wishes
 Political bureau of KIU 

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