General Basics of Kurdistan Islamic Union
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General Basics of Kurdistan Islamic Union

1- Invariable values and basics of Islam and the fixed bases of human values are the resources of political action.

2- Serving human ,regarding freedom and rights without discrimination is our basic duty , international treaties for human rights are human achievement
3- Righteous citizen is the corner stone of any reform, development and change in the society.
4- Kurd is a free nation, and has its special identity and it is part of the Islamic nation and it has the right to determine its destination to be an independent member of the international institutions.
5- Kurdistan nation is one family –without differentiation –Kurdistan is home for all, and place for co-existence of all the religious and doctrine followers, income and natural resources are possession for all.
6- Basic reforms in political administration and economic fields, activating justice authority roll, keeping courts   independency are guarantee for development, prosperity and treatment for corruption.
7- Women participation in political action, social reform and fixing complementary roll in all the fields of life, even with men.
8- Pave adequate ground for improvement and activate   the skills of youth the on the bases that they are current human resource and corner stone for the future.
9- Islamic history and Islamic culture are a restricted human experience bided by their time and place; getting benefit from them conducted by convenient ratio and respond for the modern requirements in accordance with the purposes understandings of Islam.
10- Enforcing the reformist roll of mosque and Islamic theologians' statue and keeping their rights and social pacemaker.
11- People is resource of authority, political plurality, peaceful power exchange  fixing parliamentary system ,fixing democratic bases and non-alignment government are basics for social peace political stability.
12- Mature and justice governing is an Islamic purpose and life requirement for getting political, economical and social rights of people.

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