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  • 3 scholars win Nobel prize in medicine

    William G. Kaelin Jr, Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe and Gregg L. Semenza won the 2019 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine "for discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability", the award-giving body said on Monday. "The Nobel Prize in Phy

  • Iranian hackers targeted a US presidential campaign: Microsoft

    A hacking group that appears to be linked to the Iranian government targeted a United States 2020 presidential campaign, Microsoft Corp said on Friday. Microsoft saw "significant" activity by the group that also targeted current and former US gove

  • 20M+ people take part in World Cleanup Day: Organizer

    More than 20 million people from 180 countries joined World Cleanup Day on Sept. 21, the coordinating group said on Wednesday. Coordinated by the Let's Do It Foundation, the second annual World Cleanup Day (WCD) gathered 20 million people in 180 cou

  • How risky is eating red meat for your health?

    Cutting back on red meat is standard medical advice to prevent cancer and heart disease - but a review of dozens of studies has concluded that the potential risk is low and evidence uncertain. In new guidelines published on Monday in the Annals of I

  • Largest mosque in West Africa opens in Senegal

    Senegal's influential Mouride Brotherhood inaugurated a 30,000-person mosque in the capital Dakar -- claimed to be the largest mosque in West Africa.    Thousands of Muslims from the country's 14 regions attended the Friday prayer, marking the offic

  • Online groomers target vulnerable children: expert

    Wider access to technology among young people is giving way to increasing cybercrime, including online grooming, which specifically targets vulnerable children, according to a social media expert. "Online grooming refers to the use of electronic tec

  • Newfound comet likely an 'interstellar visitor,' scientists say

    A newly discovered comet hurtling toward the orbit of Mars has scientists scurrying to confirm whether it came from outside the solar system, a likely prospect that would make it the second such interstellar object observed in our planetary neighborh

  • A planet away from our solar system might be able to host life : study

    A little-known planet that is about 110 light-years away from our solar system might be able to host life, a new study has found. Astronomers at the Centre for Space Exochemistry Data at the University College London (UCL) detected water vapour in t

  • Global video game sector exceeds $150B size

    The video game sector' size exceeded $150 billion in 2018 globally, a board member of an IT association, Bilisim Grubu, has said. "There are over 2.5 billion gamers in the world, their gaming expenses rose by 9.6% to reach $152.1 billion year-on-yea

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov beats Dustin Poirier

    Khabib Nurmagomedov has stopped Dustin Poirier by submission in the third round at UFC 242, retaining his lightweight title and unbeaten record. After dominating Poirier in wrestling and grappling throughout Saturday's bout at Abu Dhabi's Yas Island

  • India loses contact with spacecraft on mission to the moon

    India lost contact with a spacecraft it was trying to land on the moon on Saturday, its space agency said, in a setback for the nation’s ambitious plans to become the first country to probe the unexplored lunar south pole. The lander of the Chandray

  • US: Youtube fined $170M for breaching kids' privacy

    Search engine giant Google and its subsidiary YouTube will pay a record $170 million to settle allegations by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General that the YouTube video sharing service illegally collected personal info

  • Climate change crippling marine life: wildlife official

    Climate change problems pose a significant threat to marine species and the issue should be urgently addressed, a wildlife protection official recently told Anadolu Agency. "Illegal fishing is more [an] immediate threat, but in the longer term, clim

  • 27M people in Africa face acute food shortage: Report

    An estimated 27 million people across seven African nations face acute food insecurity, a recent report said. The figure accounts for 24% of the total food insecure people in the world, said the report by African bloc Intergovernmental Authority on

  • 3 Earth-sized exoplanets found

    Researchers have found three new exoplanets orbiting a nearby star 12 light-years away. “We are now one step closer [to] getting a census of rocky planets in the solar neighborhood,” Ignasi Ribas, a researcher at the Institute of Space Sciences, sai

  • Saving northern white rhinos

    Scientists may be able to save the northern white rhinos from extinction after successfully harvesting two eggs from the last two remaining animals. Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, died last year in Kenya leaving behind only two infertile

  • WHO calls for urgent research on microplastics

    World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday called for further research on the health impacts of microplastics following the release of latests findings on microplastics in drinking water. "We urgently need to know more about the health impact of mi

  • Doctors remove 10-cm nail from patient’s lungs

    A 10-centimeter nail was extracted from the lungs of an elderly person in a hospital in eastern Turkey’s Elazig province on Thursday. The patient Keko Ates (91) had approached doctors complaining an acute breathing problem. Murat Kilic, doctor in t

  • Indian spacecraft to land on Moon on Sept. 7

    India's moon mission is all set to make its first landing on Sept. 7, an official said Tuesday. The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft successfully entered the lunar orbit earlier Tuesday, said Kailasavadivoo Sivan, the chairman of the Indian Space Research O

  • UN bans bringing African elephants from wild to zoos

    The UN in a historic vote on Sunday banned bringing African elephants from the wild to the zoos. The vote held at the Geneva-hosted Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species vowed to put an end to cruelty toward elephants who have suff

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