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  • Kurdish students at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

    Despite the frosty relations between the Kurds and most Arab countries, Egypt was one of the Arab countries with close and historical relations with the Kurds, and it emerged clearly during the era of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser from a poli

  • Indirect US-Iran war in Iraq

    U.S. policy since the Gulf War has been marked by the reality that U.S. relations with the two strongest states of the region–Iran and Iraq–are adversarial. The problem facing the United States is that no combination of friendly local states can offs

  • The Middle East Between the United States of America and Iran

      Since the end of WW2, during the Cold War, the influence of the United States of America (USA) and the Soviet Union increased in the Middle East (ME), especially in gaining influence in the self-determination rights of the new nation states from B

  • The EU’s Perspective in Iraq

    There is no doubt that Iraq is one of the failed states in the Middle East. For many years Iraq encountering several political and economic crises. Iraq situation is almost frustrated local, national and international efforts to build a durable peace

  • Peshmerga, a militia… How to become a national army?

     According to the legislation No (17) from the Kurdistan Region- Iraq Parties Legislation, which has been approved by Kurdistan Parliament in 1993, in Article (12) part (3) it is forbidden to do parties activities among the forces of Peshmergaand Sec

  • Is the Kurdish Referendum 'Mission Accomplished' for Barzani?

    Nearly every major regional and international player stands against the independence referendum that the Kurdistan Regional Government has planned for September 25. In Washington, the White House issued a statement on September 15 asking the KRG to c

  • Islam, Muslims, and Multiple Allegiances

    The intersection of views and interpretations, a lack of understanding of the issue, confusion regarding language or how to distinguish between different meanings along with less visible reasons, have all created confusion about terms relating to Isl

  • The dilemma of religious communities, politics and NGOs

    In the Muslim world today, one of the most fundamental dilemmas experienced by Islamic movements is being caught between the concept of being, in a traditional sense, a religious community, and in a more modern sense, a political party.  

  • Corruption and the KRG’s oil sector

      Most countries with oil have used it to make a living and earn an income for the nation. The curse of oil has been discussed in many articles, but it has not become a curse for all countries that have it. Some have the ability to manage

  • The diminished West

    I was tempted to pick a more grandiose and exaggerated title like: the decline and fall of Western civilization, or a more dramatic variation on Oswald Spengler’s book The Decline of the West, but then thought better of it and settled on the less

  • How Putin is winning in Syria

    When Vladimir Putin first committed himself to the Syrian conflict, many commentators, including myself, thought that he was taking a large and potentially very costly gamble: if he got bogged down in Syria like the Soviets did in Afghanistan, thi

  • Head cover borders

    In recent days news coming from European countries regarding sanctions against women wearing head covers or chadors have again become more frequent. In recent months first Egyptian Merve Shirbini in Germany and then Turkish Arzu Çakmakçi in Holland w

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