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  • Closure of tourists resorts in Soran, Rwandoz, and Choman

    Kurdistan Regional Government decided to close all tourist resorts in Soran, Choman, and Rwandoz area. By decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government, all the tourist resorts in Soran, Choman, Rwandoz, and Mergasour area will be closed, according

  • A number of people with coronavirus recovered in Duhok

    Duhok Health Directorate during a statement announcing the recovery of a number of people infected with Coronavirus. Dohuk Health Directorate, in a statement issued yesterday 4 August 2020, announced that 11 people infected with Coronavirus had full

  • Three deaths due to Coronavirus in the city of Kirkuk

    A spokesman for Kirkuk Health Directorate announced three fatalities due to Coronavirus and recorded more than 100 cases in the city. Saman Yaba, a spokesman for Kirkuk Health Directorate, told reporters that three patients died of the Coronavirus o

  • Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union thanked 3 charitable organizations

    Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahuddin Muhammad Bahauddin, sent a message of thanks and appreciation to the charitable organizations affiliated to the KIU. Secretary-General said "I would like to extend my thanks to the Islamic

  • 2834 new cases of coronavirus and 77 deaths recorded throughout Iraq

    The Iraqi Ministry of Health recorded 2834 new cases of coronavirus and 77 deaths across Iraq. The ministry said in a statement, that "16,531 samples were tested in all the specialized laboratories in Iraq for this day; thus the total number of samp

  • Kurdistan region delegation to visit Baghdad soon to resume negotiations

    Kurdistan Region delegation scheduled to visit Baghdad during the next few days to resume negotiations and reach an agreement with the Iraqi government. Ahmad Mulla Talal, spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister, today, Tuesday, at a press conference

  • Trials of 2nd Russian virus vaccine 'going well'

    Trials for a possible second Russian coronavirus vaccine are going well, state officials said on Tuesday. Volunteers inoculated with the EpiVacCorona vaccine developed by the Vector State Research Center feel good, the Russian Federal Service for Hu

  • Kurdistan Health Minister calls citizens to stay in their homes

    Minister of Health of the Kurdistan Regional Government called on all citizens to stay in their homes and not go out except in a necessary condition. Minister of Health of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Saman Barzanji today, Tuesday 4 August 202

  • Turkish army sends military reinforcements to Bradost area

    The Turkish army continues to advance and penetrate into the territory of the Kurdistan Region, this time it sent a large force and heavy weapons to its military bases in Bradost area. News agencies inside Turkey announced the Turkish army sent mili

  • New death due to coronavirus in Dohuk Governorate

    Dohuk Health Directorate announced a new death from the Coronavirus in Dohuk Governorate. Dohuk Health Directorate today, Tuesday, 4 August 2020, in a statement announced that a 63-year-old citizen of Zakho died in hospital due to the Coronavirus.

  • US State Department denies holding meetings with PKK

    US State Department spokesman denies reports that a US delegation visited the PKK leaders in Qandil. US State Department spokesman, in a statement to Voice of America, announced that these allegations are not true and no such meetings have taken pla

  • An earthquake hits an area in the Kurdistan Region

    An earthquake hit, on Monday, the borders of Duhok Governorate. According to information, the seismic observatories recorded a 3.5-magnitude earthquake in Kalak, in Berdarash city the resident in the area felt it. There is no information about the

  • New death due to coronavirus in Dohuk

    Dohuk Health Directorate announced today a new death due to coronavirus. In a statement Kurdiu obtained a copy of it, Dohuk Health Directorate today Monday 3 August 2020 announced a new death due to Coronavirus. He indicated that the patient had be

  • The Supreme Committee to confront Corona in the Kurdistan Region takes new decisions

    The Supreme Committee to confront Corona in Kurdistan Region today, Monday, meets to take new decisions on procedures and instructions. According to Kurdiu’s information, the Supreme Committee to confront Corona is scheduled to meet today, Monday, t

  • Iranian forces bomb the border areas of the Kurdistan Region

    Iranian artillery today, Monday, 3 August 2020, bombed Bradost area and damaged citizens' farms. Iranian artillery, at 11:00 a.m. Monday, bombed the border area of ​​Bradost and damaged citizens' farms in the area. According to the information, the

  • Garmian ... someone kills his cousin

    In Garmian administration, a person shot his cousin and killed him. Garmian Police Department today, Monday, 3 August 2020, in a statement announced that in Rzgari district of Kalar district, due to a family problem, someone shot and killed his cous

  • Two deaths in Erbil due to Coronavirus

    Two deaths due to coronavirus recorded in Erbil today, this brings the number of deaths from the virus to 131. A source in the Erbil health directorate announced today, Monday 3 August 2020, that two patients died in Erbil Governorate due to Coronav

  • UAE launches start-up operations at first nuclear power plant

    The United Arab Emirates has begun start-up operations in the initial unit of its first nuclear power plant, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) said on Saturday. The Barakah nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi, a major oil producer, is bein

  • Suspending flights between Iraq and Turkey again

    After the resumption of flights between the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and Turkey, the flights halted again. At the request of the Turkish Ministry of Health on Sunday 2 August 2020, flights between Turkey and the Kurdistan Region and Iraq have suspend

  • Kurdistan Health Ministry warns

    The Ministry of Health of the Kurdistan Region warns of an increase in deaths due to Coronavirus, two weeks after Eid al-Adha. Saman Barzanjy, Minister of Health of the Kurdistan Region, announced to reporters that the death of 103 people in the Kur

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